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Teacher Initals

1. Stargirl

Jerry Spinelli

Kevin and the rest of the school thought that the new girl named Stargirl was a plant because of the way she acted . Kevin and the rest of the HOT SEAT the school t.v show cast members don't know when it's the right time to interview her. They finally got to know Stargirl some more and found out that she's not a plant.

Nrm 9/19
2. Because of [[#|Shoe]]
Pam Ryan
Lily and her Mom got this new dog and she thought [[#|shoe]]'s were her pups so they were in line to take her to [[#|obedience]] camp and in front of them was a man and Shoe peed all over his shoe. Lily's Mom got married to that guy and Lily was tired of not really not having a father and went to court to change it to her Mom's last name.The three of them and Shoe got her a [[#|play]] mate and the family of five with six more pups had a great life together.
NRM 10-1
3. Dognapper
Wendy Orr
Tyler has a little wener dog and he has a little poodle friend next door and she was poodlenapped.Max (the dog) goes out to find her by digging tunnles and running away. Gus ( the [[#|police dog]] ) had to go help find the twelve poodles and Max.
NRM 10-1
4. The Bad Beginning

The three Baldelaire children just got the bad news, their parents had just died in a fire in their house. So the the oldest of the Baldilaire child Violet will get the Baldilaire fortune when she's of age. The kids have to stay with their great uncle Count Olaph and he has a plan to get the Baldilaire.
NRM 11-27
5. Ifunny
James Patterson
Jamie is handicap and he doesn't like it when they sugar coat him. Jami also has a very imagination and every day when the bell [[#|rings]] to say [[#|school]] is out he says that there are [[#|zombies]] that are his best friend. The author is technechly saying that he has an amazing adventure with his 'zombie' friends and how he got a ... named after him.
NRM 2/28
6. Milkweed
Jerry Spenelli
Milkweed is about a kid that got taken away from his parents during one of the world wars and the kid woke up and said that other kids and he asked what happened and what his name was. Then one kid named Uri told him that his name was Misha and he told him a BIG story that WASN'T true. than "Misha" when't around and was telling people who didn't care at all what went on in his life.
NRM 2/28
Ida B.

Ida B. is having a hard time at her house her mammas really sick and the trees stopped talking to her and now they have to sell their house ida trys to save the house and the world kinda mammas getting better now idas happyish untill a new family moves in on the other side of her property we'll see utill the next book